Montserrat Caballé

Sonntag, B.N. … Yet he might have agreed eventually. Caballé believes that if Mercury had lived, he would have delved more deeply into the classical music that increasingly captivated him in his last years. „We talked about doing something together, more classical. We also talked about recording Phantom of the Opera, which he loved very much. It’s a moving thing – I knew he was in bed and very weak, and I wanted to surprise him by recording Phantom. I phoned him and put the speaker near the phone and played it. He was very happy. He said, ‚Thank you, Montsy, I wanted very much to hear it.‘ And that was my last time I talked to him.“

Nun ist sie selbst gegangen. Sehr traurig.

Als ich in den Neunzigern Barcelona von Caballé / Mercury im Radio hörte, war ich so ergriffen, dass mein kleiner Sohn mir die CD zu Weihnachten schenkte. Ich habe sie heute noch.